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Ran of the Hanamachi, formerly Uesugi Kensei.
21 years old. Born 1723 in Yonezawa during the Edo period.
His father was the Yonezawa daimyo Uesugi Munefisa and he had an younger brother, Shigasada.

Black hair, brown eyes (the right one is lighter than the left if you look closely).
Tall (178 cm/5'8"), lean and slightly malnourished.
Scar over the left side of his hip, but otherwise flawless skin.
Crushed and broken hands that have healed wrong; he cannot grip anything tightly.

Currently employed in the Yoshiwara red-lights district of Edo as a houkan - a male consort, entertainer and prostitute.

He is not affiliated with the movie 'The King and the Clown' and I have unfortunately not seen it.
It was simply chosen for the prettiness of Lee Jun Ki for a perfect PB.

This character is portrayed as Japanese, even if the movie and the actor are Korean.


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